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Roots and Ties:  A Scrapbook of Northeast Minneapolis

Roots and Ties: A Scrapbook of Northeast Minneapolis

229 Photos. 262 Pages.
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Rhythmland Closes

         I was privileged enough to be included in Rhythmland's final skate on June 30, 2001. After 40 years of owning the rink, Don and Peggy Gese and their family were closing down. Times had changed and it was time to move on. It was a bittersweet night for the friends, family, and longtime patrons of Rhythmland. A group of people came to say goodbye to their old hangout and share some of their treasured memories…

        Just walking through the place that night made me feel the spirits of those who fell in love at Rhythmland. So many people laughed and cried and loved and lost under the mirrored glass disco ball that still hung over the middle of the rink. And the multicolored lights that provided the atmosphere of romance were still there…

        Evelyn Wilson met her husband at Rhythmland. She skated seven days a week in the 1940s. She says it was not unusual for people to meet the one they would marry at Rhythmland, because there were so many to choose from and they were there so often. She thinks there were about 50 couples she knows of that met each other there and eventually got married. On the weekends she would work all day, go horseback riding at night with the gang, then skating at Rhythmland, then to Larry’s or the Roadhouse for dancing, and finally bowling at Central Avenue Bowl on Twenty-fifth and Central. All in one day! She hung out with the same group of friends. They loved to do the Circle Waltz, Chicken Scratch, Dutch Roll, and Two Step…

        Roots and Ties is a wonderful scrapbook of memories with special attention to the housing and architecture, grocery and hardware stores, the parochial schools, community sings, parks, and park pageants. It also includes Van the Cop, Plane Crash on Memorial Day, Cemeteries and Funeral Chapels, More sports, Interviews, Snapshots and Vignettes, Pottery shops, the Ethnic Dance Theatre, Rhythmland and the California Building. Wonderful old photos capture the past-234 pages and 262 photographs Nodin Press 2002.


Comments for Roots and Ties

We left the Minneapolis area about 35 years ago, are now retired and living on Whidbey Island, near Seattle. The book was so impressive that I bought and have sent out three copies to people from "Nordeast" who have relocated in other parts of the country.

Coupeville, Washington

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